B.S. – Information Technology

Florida State University (FSU)

January 2011 – May 2013


Health Informatics

  • Investigated solutions for nationwide health information exchange
  • Ascertained how healthcare and information technology can coincide together
  • Developed a tablet application for patients to use in visits to their physicians
    • Wrote entire front-end and back-end for application
    • Allowed patients to manage their personal and insurance information
    • Patients can view lab results and chart them over time
    • Provided news on latest treatments for patient’s pre-existing conditions

Example – Garnet Cross Gold Shield Application

Advanced Health Informatics

  • Constructed information technology implementation plans for healthcare organization
  • Researched new technologies and their relation to affecting the healthcare industry
  • Conducted SWOT Analysis for a new private healthcare practice

Project Management

IT Project

  • Developed project plan for merging several College of Communication and Information (CCI) websites into WordPress
  • Worked with client (Associate Dean of CCI) to measure the scope of the project
  • Planned project’s schedule for the course of the semester
  • Designed and implemented new architecture of information
  • Created Gantt charts and a Work Breakdown Structure using Microsoft Project 2010
  • Migrated websites over to new theme and WordPress platform from Drupal and HTML

Example – Technologies Website

Enterprise Information Systems Management

  • Studied directly under the Dean of FSU’s College of Communication and Information alongside two classmates
  • Created a data center on campus to be used for future classes in order to teach students how to operate enterprise-level data centers
  • Installed rack-mounted servers
  • Used VMWare vSphere and vCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V to create virtual Linux and Windows servers
  • Configured multiple services including LAMP, LDAP, and OpenVPN
  • Documented all processes for use by future students


IT Leadership

  • Project Manager of Game Day event with over 200 attendees
    • Wrote proposals to businesses sponsoring event
  • Focused on teamworkleadershipproject management, and communication

Example – Game Day Presentation

Technical Communication

  • Led a team of consultants in developing proposal for a technology company
  • Researched the economical and efficient methods and technologies for conducting business
  • Presented a proposal for a growing company to update their entire hardware and software infrastructure

Example – IT Consultant Proposal


Information Organization

  • Created relational databases for model businesses
  • Wrote stored procedures and triggers
  • Designed Entity-Relationship-Diagrams using MySQL Workbench


Web Development with PHP

  • Developed PHP applications using MVC (model-view-controller) frameworks in Notepad ++ and Netbeans IDE
  • Implemented JSON capabilities
  • Connected multiple databases using MySQL and PHP

Problem Solving with Object-Oriented Programming

  • Coded palindrome finder in Java
  • Developed encryption platform within the standard Java library

ASP.NET Enterprise Solutions

  • Developed web applications using ASP.NET and C# in Visual Studio 2012
  • Modeled databases using Microsoft SQL Server